Your choice makes change

Established in 2013, ASRC Cleaning is one of two not-for-profit Social Enterprises of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (the other is the award-winning [ASRC Catering]).

As a young, not-for-profit business our mission is to provide pathways to sustainable employment for people seeking asylum. We do this by offering high-quality domestic and commercial cleaning services to the Melbourne region and delivering an excellent customer experience.

Our People

Our employees have come from around the world to seek safety in Australia. All of our cleaners are in the process of applying for asylum, awaiting for an outcome on their application, or have been granted refugee status and are rebuilding their lives here in Victoria.

For most of them, finding employment with ASRC Cleaning is a way to survive as they begin to reclaim their financial autonomy and create purpose in their lives. Many come from highly educated backgrounds and successful careers in their home countries, and bring that same level of professionalism and enthusiasm to their work for ASRC Cleaning.

Joining ASRC Cleaning means more than just learning a new job. It means:

  • Learning and experiencing cultural differences

  • Navigating a new city

  • Communicating in a new language

  • Balancing and navigating complex legal and visa challenges

When you choose ASRC Cleaning, you support and encourage the dedication, determination and resilience of our team.

The support team

To ensure all customers receive the best service possible, and to help our cleaners navigate a new role, industry and city, ASRC has five office-based staff plus 15 volunteers who donate their time and skill to the enterprise.