Recommended products and equipment for home cleaning

We use the products and equipment supplied by you. This is so you can choose what’s right for your household and because our cleaners are generally new to Australia and rely on public transport to commute.

All chemicals must be non-dangerous, non-hazardous and not requiring additional Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Most household chemicals available from your supermarket will be fine. We highly recommend using environmentally friendly or green products for the safety of our cleaners, your home, and for the good of our planet.

For work safety we request all products remain in their original packaging and/or have original labels and instructions visible.

Please note: the below list of products and equipment is not compulsory nor is it exhaustive - it is our general recommendation to enable all levels of cleaning from standard to deep spring cleans. Our cleaners will work with the products and equipment that you choose to supply.

Recommended cleaning products:

Multi purpose chemical for cleaning surfaces (fridge and microwave)

Oven cleaner

Bathroom and shower products (such as Jiff, mould remover)

Window cleaner (Windex)

Floor cleaner

Recommended cleaning equipment:



Mop/mop bucket

Small bucket


Dustpan & brush


Disposable gloves

Duster (& extension if required)

Sponge & scourer (Multiple)

Small Microfibre Cloths or towels

Disposable cloths (Chux)

Toilet brush

Bin liners