Melbourne commercial cleaning with social impact

Your business can change lives.

Looking to create positive change through your business in a cost-effective way?
Our quality commercial cleaning services make your day-to-day operational costs go that bit further.

We offer competitively priced, customised cleaning services to small to medium businesses in the Melbourne region, and in doing so create employment opportunities for people seeking asylum.

When you choose to support ASRC Cleaning, you empower our staff to learn new skills, build financial independence, gain Australian work experience and create pathways to meaningful employment.

How does it work?

Each business and property is unique so we develop a service tailored to your exact requirements. Our customer community is important to us and we believe in creating strong relationships to ensure the best outcome. This might be a one-off deep clean or an ongoing contract.

  1. Submit an online enquiry to request a quote

  2. ASRC Commercial Cleaning team conducts a site inspection at a time convenient to you

  3. We create a customised service and quote

  4. You sign the contract to accept the quote

  5. Your business starts to create change!


A customised commercial service that’s right for your business

Whether you are a small operation requiring a basic weekly clean, or a larger business requiring a comprehensive daily service, our team can create the package that’s right for you. We aim to provide clients with a customised cleaning maintenance program, responding and adapting to your needs in the best possible way.

Having inspected and evaluated all factors at your premises, a professional cleaning service program is determined. This is provided through a detailed Scope of Work and check list, creating an effective communication channel between the cleaner, the client, and ASRC Cleaning.

Your account is overseen by an experienced commercial coordinator who will manage your requests and communication through continuous supervision and quality control. This ensures services meet our standards and your cleaners are supported to fulfil the service requirements.

Our office is always clean and everyone we’ve worked with has been lovely. As a not-for-profit, it’s wonderful to be able to support an organisation with values that align with ours.

— Grace Anthony - Children’s Ground

We clean:

Corporate offices

Retail stores


Co-working spaces

Government buildings


and more…

We currently don’t clean commercial kitchens or hospitality venues but are exploring this service for later in 2019. Sign up for the ASRC Cleaning newsletter to be the first to learn about changes to our services.

Do you have a commercial property type not on the list? Contact us and let us know what you need!


We customise our services to your business and property, so we do not have a one-size-fits-all cost. Your quote will reflect:

  • Size of premises

  • Number of cleaners required

  • Requested time of cleaning (please note that out of hours costs apply)

  • Any specialist equipment required

Consumables and sanitary equipment

We understand how challenging it can be to deal with multiple suppliers and can provide you with the necessary consumables and sanitary devices for the cleaning service. We can supply and deliver a range of hygiene products to your premises such as paper towels, toilet paper, disinfectants, soaps, soap dispensers and organise sanitary bins, if required.

Cleaning materials and equipment

We provide all standard products and equipment, however as our cleaners rely on public transport to commute to jobs, all products and equipment must remain on your premises. We will work with you to ensure you have everything required for the highest quality clean.

All chemicals must be non-dangerous, non-hazardous and not requiring additional Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

We highly recommend using environmentally friendly or green products for the safety of our cleaners and for the good of our planet.

Need steam cleaning or floor polishing? We can arrange the right equipment for your service, whether it’s part of your weekly quote or a once-off deep clean.

OH&S Compliant

ASRC Cleaning complies with all relevant health, safety and environmental standards and will ensure all aspects of cleaning tasks are managed in accordance with the OH&S standards to ensure safe operation and procedures are in place.


OH&S Policy

ASRC Cleaning will implement the following steps to meet all the required Health and Safety aspects:

• Undertake a risk assessment of each site

• Arrange cleaner’s support and provide induction for all cleaners, which includes OH&S training

• Establish a safe system of work for the cleaners

• Monitoring and Evaluation


The ASRC has the relevant and necessary insurances as required by law, and a copy will be provided to the Client when requested.