Will my cleaner speak English?

Our cleaners have a level of English satisfactory to complete nationally accredited training. For the majority of our cleaners, however, English is not their first language so proficiency will vary.

Will I have the same cleaner every time?

We understand how important it is to be familiar and comfortable with your cleaner so we do our best to ensure you have the same person each visit. As our mission is to help people seeking asylum find pathways into skilled employment of their choice, we celebrate them securing positions elsewhere in the community, so it is likely that your cleaner may change over time.

If your cleaner is unavailable or secures alternative work we will communicate with you.

Are your cleaners insured against injury?

Yes, all ASRC Cleaning staff have the appropriate insurance. In the unlikely event of an incident or injury, they all carry mobile phones and have been instructed on how to dial for help. Each cleaner carries identification which lists emergency contact details.