When you book a domestic service, you will be asked to read and accept the booking conditions and return a signed copy to ASRC Cleaning.

A copy of these conditions is below and includes safety, cancellation and billing, and equipment conditions.

Conditions for the provision of the Cleaning Services


1.     To make a booking, a customer must complete the Conditions for the provision of Cleaning Services (which is emailed when a booked is requested) and email the completed form to cleaning@asrc.org.au or mail to 214-218 Nicholson Street, FOOTSCRAY Vic 3011.

2.     The invoice will be itemised, reflecting the service(s) and good(s) purchased by the customer from ASRC Cleaning.

3.     Payment must only be made after an invoice has been issued to the customer.

4.     Payment can be made by credit card (Visa or MasterCard only), EFT or by depositing funds into the bank account listed on the invoice (Please mention your invoice number or full name in description), within fourteen days of the invoice being issued.  The invoice will be issued via email within seven days of the completion of the service to the customer.

5.     Where a booking is cancelled with less than 24 hours of notice, but more than 3 hours of notice, a cancellation fee of $45 will apply.  

6.     Where a booking is cancelled with less than 3 hours of notice, the full service fee will apply.

7.     In the event that a cleaner fails to arrive for a service, a customer is requested as soon as possible to contact ASRC Cleaning on 03 9274 9880.



1.     The customer must provide the cleaning equipment and products for the cleaner to use.

2.     Provided chemicals must be non-dangerous and non-hazardous. ASRC Cleaning can provide a list of suggested chemicals on request.

3.     All chemicals must have an Australian Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

4.     All chemicals must remain in their original packaging.

5.     Depending on the service requested, the cleaner will require the use of: a vacuum, a mop and bucket, a squeegee, a broom, a dustpan and brush and sponges/cloths. These need to be in a safe, usable and working order.



1.     Where requested by the cleaner, pets must be locked away during the cleaning process.

2.     Where the owner is not present, heating and cooling should be switched off whilst the dwelling is being cleaned. On days when extreme temperature is forecast, the cleaner may make use of available heating or cooling.

3.     All known hazards must be declared on the Conditions for the provision of the Cleaning Services document.

4.     Cleaners will not clean areas, furnishings etc. that pose a hazard i.e. broken windows or carry or move heavy furniture or any other equipment.

5.     Cleaners are only permitted to clean windows of single storey dwellings and the customer must provide the appropriate equipment to the cleaner for this purpose. They are not permitted to clean skylights, high windows or ceilings.



1.     ASRC Cleaning encourages, but does not require, the customer/owner to be present during the cleaning of the premises by the cleaner. If a key is left for the cleaner, ASRC Cleaning takes no responsibility whatsoever for loss or damage of any property of the customer and the key is left entirely at the customer’s risk. If a key is left for the cleaner, ASRC suggests it is left in a key-safe attached to the property.

2.     Customers must secure valuables for the duration of the cleaning services. If a customer is of the opinion that any property appears missing on the completion of a cleaning service, the customer must report this to the police. A customer must also promptly inform ASRC Cleaning.

3.     If a customer feels the service performed does not reflect the service agreed to, a customer must contact ASRC Cleaning within 24 hours of the service being completed.



1.     No minors may be present during the cleaning process, unless supervised by an adult.

2.     Cleaners have been instructed not to sign anything for or on behalf of a customer.

3.     Cleaners have been instructed not to accept any gifts from a customer.

4.     All cleaners have the appropriate insurance cover.

5.     Household bins will be emptied by the cleaner, and placed in the council issued bin. No rubbish will be removed from the premises.

You will also be asked to provide an emergency contact and list any declared hazards.