One small step in digital, one giant leap for ASRC Cleaning

This new website is more than meets the eye

It’s hard to believe in today’s market that a business could even survive in their first few years of operation without an online presence - let alone thrive. Yet until now, ASRC Cleaning has been quietly building a thriving social enterprise with as little as a one-pager on the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC)’s website.

While the launch of a new website may seem like a basic first step for modern business, for ASRC Cleaning it signifies a huge step forward in our mission to meet the growing demand for employment opportunities for people seeking asylum.

Evolving over the past six years into not just a business, but a space of learning, education and social support; ASRC Cleaning has grown into a thriving social enterprise delivering real positive impact for people seeking asylum, and consistently delivering quality cleaning services to a growing community of commercial and domestic customers. And now we are taking another big step forward.

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Preparing for bigger things

In 2018 the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) was fortunate to be awarded a grant from O’Brien to fund a three year program to scale up the ASRC’s Social Enterprises to increase revenue, and create more employment opportunities for people seeking asylum. This incredible opportunity included the appointment of a new Director of Social Enterprises, Steve Betinsky, and budget for marketing support and resources.

Over the past six months under direction of Mr Betinsky and in partnership with social enterprise sector leaders, ASRC Cleaning has been undergoing an exciting period of transformation. Ongoing projects are developing a holistic approach within the ASRC to create a pathway to employment for our cleaners through integrated employment, education and capacity building initiatives.

In addition to these initiatives the O’Brien grant enabled us to embark on marketing activities to support to scale up of ASRC Cleaning to meet the growing demand for employment opportunities. As a top priority, the launch of the new website takes ASRC Cleaning out of our immediate ASRC community, and into the public domain.

Mr Betinsky explains “we’re really excited about having a new online home for ASRC Cleaning. Apart from the obvious need to have an online presence to be competitive in today’s market, our new site will give us a place to share with our community the incredible stories that we hear and experience everyday.

“We want to be able to share with both our customers and the general public the wide reaching impact that social enterprise and social procurement can have.

“A big part of understanding our social enterprise, and it’s impact, is understanding the complex cultural and environmental differences that surround employment for people seeking asylum and refugees.

“Through the platform of this new site we will be sharing not just our success stories, but our knowledge, challenges and progress as we continue to evolve both our impact and business models.”

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